Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

For many people, planning their funeral has become an established way of looking at the future, just like making a Will.

More than a 1.5 million people in the UK have taken out a funeral plan. Usually, they have known grief or bereavement and don’t want their families to go through the stress of making arrangements.

Our Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is a bespoke and affordable pre-paid funeral plan that guarantees to cover the cost of your funeral when the time to pass comes, providing peace of mind to your family and allow them time to grieve.

With the increasing costs of funerals, purchasing a plan ensures that your money is kept safe over the years and will grow so that prices rises are also covered for the future.

Please call into our offices and speak to our Funeral Plan adviser anytime for a chat and find out the best options for you and your family

We are now members of the Funeral Directors Alliance.
we now offer Prosperous Life Funeral Plans.

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